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FOSS provides four year warranty on analytical instruments with FossCare Premium service agreements

FOSS announces a new warranty and service offering to ensure that analytical instrument users enjoy uninterrupted uptime and a maximum return on their analytical investment.  

A four year warranty is provided as part of the new FossCare Premium Preventive Maintenance Agreement while two years warranty is provided as part of any other FossCare agreement. In addition to the peace of mind afforded by the warranty period, the continual preventive maintenance pays off by keeping analytical instruments working perfectly every day, year after year.  

Guaranteed continuity

Reliable test results are essential as more and more food and feed producers turn to routine analysis for effective control of quality and production. The analytical data is used for various tasks such as maintaining the right mix of raw materials in food and feed production or checking products as they leave the factory.  Users therefore need to know that they can rely on continuous and reliable performance from analytical solutions.

The four year warranty provided as part of the Fosscare Premium agreement ensures optimal instrument reliability. It offers the ultimate peace of mind for any producer seeking continuous and reliable analytical results. It is complemented by a standard service pack with two-year warranty for a level of cover that is still comprehensive and highly competitive in the industry.  

Simple and economic

In addition to the security afforded by the extended warranty periods, the Premium and Standard service packs are logical options for busy food and feed producers. Users of FOSS equipment can leave routine maintenance tasks to experts saving time and ensuring that it is always done right. It can be compared to taking a car to service at an authorised dealer. Producers can get on with their business while FOSS secures a continuous flow of reliable analytical results to help produce quality products.


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