Dedicated Analytical Solutions
oenofoss wine analyser


OenoFoss™ provides instant analysis throughout the winemaking process – from grape must to wine. It measures up to 10 different key parameters providing winemakers the information needed to make informed decisions about when to pick, how to control fermentation and when to bottle.

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Winescan wine analyser

Sulphite analysis with WineScan™ SO2

Winemakers and laboratories around the world use WineScan™ to protect and enhance the quality of wine. Over 30 critical quality control parameters are measured within a minute. Armed with this information, winemakers can make informed decisions throughout the whole wine making process from grape testing to finished wine. The latest configuration of Winescan features analysis of free and total SO2.

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Mosaic™ is a networking solution that remotely manages, configures and calibrates all your analytical instruments. Our specialist NIR team carries out all updates and calibrations centrally for improved instrument performance. Not only does this save you time, but it has also been shown to significantly reduce costs.

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