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Parameters:  Fat and moisture

For use by: Olive oil producers and cooperatives  

Measuring speed: Results within a minute, little or no sample preparation

Samples: Olive paste from olives pre crushing, olive pomace post crushing

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More than just an instrument, FOSS solutions are supported by a global network of more than 250 highly trained service engineers.

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A handy and affordable analyser

Olivia™ helps you find the best possible olives for milling by providing accurate information about the fat and moisture content in olives and pomace. Rapid and reliable, it also ensures fair payment. Olivia™ is available in Spain and Italy.

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What can routine analysis do for you?

Discuss the possibilities with your local FOSS representative.


Central configuration, support and surveillance

Mosaic™ is a networking solution that allows experts to remotely manage, configure and calibrate your analytical instruments.

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NIR technology

High performance NIR technology

Olivia™ uses the full-visible and near-infrared scanning range. Near Infrared analysis is a spectroscopic technique, which makes use of the naturally occurring electromagnetic spectrum. The NIR region is the area of the spectrum defined by wavelengths as between 700nm and 2500nm.

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Convenient and easy to use

Olivia™ provides on–the-spot fat and moisture analysis of olive paste and pomace. Fast to start up and easy to operate, it provides accurate results in under a minute. And with the printout option you can print your results straight away.

Value for money

The Olivia™ olive analyser is ideal for small to medium-sized operations as it provides a rapid return on investment at different stages of production. It includes an in-built PC, does not involve any costs for chemicals and creates no wastage as samples can be returned to production.

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