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Parameters: Multiple parameters such as protein, ash, moisture, wet gluten, water absorption, colour, and many more depending on application.

For use by: Flour millers

Testing volume: Results within a minute, little or no sample preparation.

Key features:

  • Up to six sub samples for a representative measurement
  • Simple-to-use
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust design
  • Factory standardised
  • Compatible with other FOSS solution
  • Possibility to connect to a network of instruments
  • Built in computer with simple touch interface
  • Update of calibrations and control instrument via internet

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NIRS™ DS2500 Flour Analyser

The next step in NIR analysis of flour

The NIRS™ DS 2500 analyser helps millers to boost yield by giving not only an accurate measurement of protein in flour, but unique accuracy regarding ash. Robustness coupled with groundbreaking performance in near infrared (NIR) guarantees highly accurate ash measurements by anyone, anywhere, at anytime

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What can NIR analysis do for you?

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NIRS DS2500 Flour Analyzer Sample empty

Sub-sampling reduces uncertainty in flour analysis

The NIRS™ DS2500 flour analyser takes a number of subsamples from different locations in the sample cup during the measurement.

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Make sure that you are getting the highest level of quality control at all stages of production. Whether you are testing moisture, protein, ash or colour, the NIRS™ DS2500 delivers precision results in under a minute.

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Ash accuracy anywhere

The NIRS™ DS2500 has been designed for high performance in the hardest production environments. It is IP65 certified and boasts outstanding environmental specs: ambient temperature 5-40 °C, storage temperature -20 °C to 70 °C and ambient humidity <93% RH.

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Start improving today

Seeing those small margins that other analysers can’t, the NIRS™ DS2500 helps you to fine-tune your production to avoid expensive rework and realize the quality potential of your production. And, by getting just 0.1% closer to target on ash content, you can expect a return on investment in under a year.

With ready to use global ANN calibrations, it is easy to get started. Or, if you want to make use of your existing NIR calibration data, the NIR™S DS2500 is 100% backwards compatible to InfraXact™, NIRSsystem II and FOSS XDS™ instruments.

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A true networker

The NIRS™ DS2500 is ideal for use in a group of instruments. Factory standardized instruments gives you top data transferability, which helps when sharing calibrations. This makes the NIRS™ DS2500 a perfect unit to include in a network of instruments where calibration updates and monitoring are controlled centrally.

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New NIR reveals value that other analysers cannot see

The advanced near infrared technology behind the NIRS™ DS2500 allows you to measure ash and other key parameters such as moisture protein and colour across a broad wavelength range of 400 to 2500nm.

Purpose built

Robust, easy-to-use and IP65 certified the NIRS™ DS2500 allows everyone to contribute to quality. Measurements take less than a minute and the instrument is rock solid even when subjected to conditions of damp, dust, vibrations or temperature fluctuations.

Reliable measurements by anyone

Anyone can do reliable tests with the NIRS™ DS2500 with low risk of operator error. Users just place some sample in the sample cup, push the button and wait a minute for results to appear on screen via the intuitive ISIscan Nova software.

Re use existing calibration data

The NIRS™ DS2500 is 100% backwards compatible to InfraXact™, NIRSsystem II and FOSS XDS™ instruments. The compatibility makes it easy to leverage calibration data using straightforward migration paths without any loss of performance.

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