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Parameters: Multi-parameter such as Fat, Protein, Moisture, Ash, Colour, Lactose, Acidity and more

For use by: Dairy powder plants and ice cream producers

Testing volume: Results within a minute, no sample preparation

Find the right solution according to your sample type

Maximise uptime with FOSS service and support

When you buy a FOSS instrument, you get access to a global network of more than 250 highly trained service engineers. They do everything they can to keep all equipment up and running at full performance for optimal productivity, payback and profit.

FOSS Support

NIRS™ DS2500 Dairy powder Analyser

The next step in NIR analysis of Dairy powder

The NIRS™ DS 2500 dairy analyser helps you to improve yield and reduce energy usage in dairy powder production. Designed for use in the laboratory or at the production line, the NIRS™ DS2500 is a practical quality control tool ideal for routine production control and monitoring of final product quality.

Making dairy powder

More yield with reduced energy

Fine tune production closer to targets and avoid wasteful rework. Careful monitoring of moisture content in powder as it goes into drying helps to save energy in the process. Optimising moisture content can typically save Euro 24,000 for a 10,000 ton/year production.

How to get a reliable measurement of milk powder

Measuring with near infrared reflectance from below the sample ensures an accurate measurement.

At-line control makes quality a matter of routine

The NIRS™ DS2500 has been created for high performance in even the harshest production conditions. Robust, easy-to-use and IP65 certified, it withstands humidity and temperature fluctuations. This high level of solidity makes the NIRS™ DS2500 suitable for at-line use by anyone in any production plant.

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Everyone measures the same with transferable NIR

It’s easy to get started using the NIRS™ DS2500. Instruments are pre-calibrated with global artificial neural network (ANN) calibrations based on a comprehensive FOSS database built-up over decades of collaboration with the dairy industry. Calibration data from earlier solutions can be transferred to the new platform using straightforward migration paths without any loss of performance

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Is this the right analytical technology for me?

Fourier Transform infrared (FTIR), near infrared (NIR) transmission, NIR reflectance, Fourier Transform near infrared (FT NIR) – a growing number of technology options are becoming available. Experts from FOSS explain the technology and the considerations to be made when selecting an infrared analytical instrument.

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