Dedicated Analytical Solutions

Grain, Flour Milling & Oilseed Processing


Grains: Wheat, durum wheat, barley, corn, malt, green malt, oats, rye, triticale, sorghum/milo, rough rice, brown rice, milled rice

Oilseeds: Soybean, rapeseed/canola, sunflower, cotton, peanuts

Beans & Pulses: Lentils, faba beans, chick peas, green peas, lupines

Flour & meals: Wheat flour, semolina, soy meal, rice meal, sunflower meal

Other: dried distillers grain, beer, whiskey, spirits, wort

For use by: Grain producers and traders

Technology: Near infrared analysis (NIR)

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Infratec™ 1241 Grain Analyzer

protein analysis of grain with proven performance

The Infratec™1241 offers you the ultimate solution for whole grain analysis. Proven, reliable performance and leading functionality make Infratec the right choice for your evolving grain analysis demands.

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Infratec 1241

More than 25 years of grain testing

Why Infratec™? The Foss Infratec™ has been the de-facto global standard for whole grain analysis of protein, moisture and oil (amongst other parameters) at grain receival and throughout the supply chain for more than 25 years. While it has seen continuous development over those years, competitor instruments have also developed. Given this a key question is, is the Infratec still worthy of its place as the number one whole grain analyser and if so why?

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Precision Near Infrared Analysis (NIR)

Infratec™ employs Near Infrared analysis in the transmission mode (NIT), a non-destructive spectroscopic technique that makes use of the naturally occurring electromagnetic spectrum. The NIR region is the area of the spectrum defined by wavelengths as between 700nm and 2500nm. The Infratec™ has a wavelength range of 570 – 1100 nm.

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Infratec™ 1241 in action - Fast, clean and accurate analysis of whole grain samples

A new automatic sample analyser integrates Infratec™ 1241 with the help of FOSS Data Link to create a simpler and more efficient grain analysis procedure.


Central configuration, support and surveillance

Mosaic™ networking software from FOSS lets your specialist team configure, manage and monitor your FOSS equipment via the Internet.

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Established standard worldwide

Infratec™ 1241 is officially approved and established worldwide as the standard for determining protein, moisture, oil and starch. Its accurate and reliable results help you to deliver consistent quality.

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Fast and Flexible

The Infratec™ 1241 makes it easy to switch between small and large kernels, for example, from rapeseed to barley. Infratec™ is self-adjusting according to the selected commodity type.

Unaffected by temperature

Grain analysis takes place during widely varying conditions, from hot summer days during harvest to cold winter deliveries. Thanks to Infratec™’s patented stabilising technique, you get correct results whatever the weather.

Unmatched calibration stability

The huge Infratec™ database comprises over 50,000 cross checked samples, PLS and robust ANN-based calibrations building on a wide sample range from over ten years of harvests. This gives a level of accuracy and stability that enables Infratec able to analyse even the most unusual samples.

Expand capabilities with additional modules

The Infratec™ 1241 is part of a modular system that includes a Flour module, a Test Weight module and a Sample Transport module to test small samples, wet samples and liquids.

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