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Parameters: moisture, fat, salt, protein, solids-non-fat, total solids, pH

For use by: Dairies at line or in the laboratory

Measuring speed: 50 seconds

Technology: NIR ( Near infrared technology)

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FoodScan™ Dairy Analyser

Improved efficiency and consistency in dairy production

FoodScan™ Dairy Analyser is a fast, accurate and easy to use instrument for analysing cheese, whey powder, butter and yoghurt. It accurately measures a variety of parameters including  Fat, Protein, Moisture and Salt. It requires a minimum of sample preparation and delivers results in just 50 seconds.

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Milkoscan FT+ dairy analysis

CasesTradition with a touch of technology

Traditional cheese makers, Belton Cheese have a golden touch when it comes to winning prizes and grabbing premium shelf space at multiple national and international outlets. Analytical technology is helping to preserve and enhance the quality.

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Networking software that improves efficiency and performance

RINA networking software is designed to precisely and easily configure, manage and monitor NIR instruments remotely. It enables customers to reduce their NIR costs by 33% and at the same time increase performance and reliability.

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NIR technology

High performance NIR technology

Near Infrared analysis is a spectroscopic technique, which makes use of the naturally occurring electromagnetic spectrum. The NIR region is the area of the spectrum defined by wavelengths as between 700nm and 2500nm. FoodScan™ Dairy Analyser works with Near Infrared Transmission in the region 850-1050 nm.

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Simplicity and Reliability

Anyone can use the FoodScan™ as the software makes all data easy to interpret. An intuitive analysis flow and user friendly presentation of results helps to eliminate operator errors, and quickly identified out of specification results. Proven method and in compliance with Iso 21543 /IDF standard 201.

Ready-to-use calibration for dairy products

FoodScan™ is supplied pre-calibrated with an ANN calibration that ensures a low cost of calibration development and maintenance. This makes it suitable for all types of dairy testing on cheese as well as quark, yoghurt and butter.

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