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CombiFoss™ 7

Making a difference in milk analysis

Take the lead in raw milk testing and stay there. The CombiFoss™ 7 seamlessly integrates MilkoScan™ 7 and Fossomatic™ 7 instruments to test raw milk for up to 19 parameters including the unique differential somatic cell count, allowing you to give farmers more sophisticated data for improved mastitis management. Results are delivered simultaneously in six seconds while unique hardware and software features boost proficiency in the laboratory.


Fat, Protein (true & crude), Casein, Lactose, Solids (SnF & TS), Urea, Citric Acid, Free Fatty Acids, Fatty Acids Profile, Freezing Point Depression, pH, Ketosis Screening, Adulteration screening (untargeted screening model)


Raw cow, sheep, goat and buffalo milk for the total somatic cell count and raw cow milk for differential somatic cell count

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CombiFoss 7 advanced tests

Build new business with advanced tests

CombiFoss 7 is the first high-throughput analyser for simultaneous differential somatic cell count and total somatic cell count. Other advanced tests pioneered by FOSS include Ketosis screening and untargeted adulteration screening to help your customers meet modern challenges such as dairy herd productivity, feeding efficiency and protection of the milk supply.

Cow eating grass

More to be done with Mastitis: The Challange and the potential

Milk testing laboratories have been able to spot cows with mastitis for many years using somatic cell count as an indicator, but as FOSS cattle disease specialist Dr. Daniel Schwarz (DS) points out in this question and answer article for In Focus, there is still work to be done and lot’s of wasted milk to be saved.

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Differential somatic cell count

The FOSS differential somatic cell count (DSCC)

Differential Somatic Cell Count (DSCC) is a new milk testing parameter introduced with the CombiFoss 7 DC analyser. It complements the established test for total number of somatic cells (SCC) pioneered by FOSS in the 1980’s.

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CombiFoss 7 somatic cell count

Fossomatic 7

Two models are available: Fossomatic™ 7 for accurate somatic cell counting and FossomaticTM 7 DC model for somatic cell counting with differential somatic cell counting capability. Both models handle up to 600 samples per hour and are based on flow cytometry technology that counts somatic cells in compliance with ISO/IDF and FDA/NCIMS standards.

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MilkoScan 7 cuvette

MilkoScan 7

The MilkoScan™ 7 is a high capacity (up to 600 samples per hour), fully automatic milk analyser for central milk testing (CMT) payment and dairy herd improvement (DHI). Employing Fourier Transform Infrared “FTIR”, it measures a full range of compositional testing parameters.

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The latest in networking software allows effective control of multiple instruments

Reduced risk of data loss because data is always backed up in one place

Minimal downtime because upgrades and adjustments are made while instruments continue to run

More consistent operations because instrument management tasks are performed in one go, reducing the risk of human error

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