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More than just an instrument, FOSS solutions are supported by a global network of more than 250 highly trained service engineers.


FOSS Support

Consistency in the flour milling process

From the reception of raw material, through all the phases of the flour milling process to finished products, FOSS offers flour milling control with a clear picture of your milling production. With reliable information about moisture, protein, ash, gluten, water absorption and other key parameters, you can improve the consistency of end products and the entire milling process.


Versatile measurement for improved flour production

The Infratec™ 1241 Flour Module expands the capabilities of the Infratec™ 1241 so that both whole grain and flour can be analysed simply by selecting the appropriate calibration model.

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Infratec™ 1241 – results in under 60 seconds

Simple to use, the Infratec™ 1241 provides flour testing results in less than 30 seconds. Just place the cup in the hopper, press the button and the results will be displayed on the screen.

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Global accuracy and reliability in flour testing

Wherever they are used FOSS Instruments can be relied on to deliver accurate results in the wheat flour milling process. Measurements are based on a global database of ANN (artificial neural network) calibrations with data from over 50,000 samples from more than 20 harvests with a wide geographic coverage. Calibrations have been developed in collaboration with regulatory authorities and customers around the world.

Optimal consistency

ProFoss™ employs high resolution NIR technology and with an uptime of over 99%. It provides critical information about your process 24/7 for optimal quality products and improved profitability in flour analysis.

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